Sunday, March 15, 2009

60200 - Preventive Greasing for Rattle from Front Brakes

There is a Common Problem of Rattle that is experienced esp after excessive driving on the Abrasive Roads.

When the front brake pads reduce in width after few thousand km, it creates a gap between pads external surface and the brake cylinder that causes it to rattle a bit. The solution is to apply little grease on the back sides (onto the metal plates). This way be sure and have a quiet ride for next 6-7 months.
Its an easy job, you can do it yourself to save bucks in 20-30 minutes !!!


1) Remove The tyre
2) Unbolt the inner lower bolt on the brake assembly using Rachet (refer (1))
3) Apply Grease (only on metal strips/ or brake cylinder circumfrence)
4) Replace, Bolt, and Assmble
5) Do a test Ride

Thats It !!

If you still experience Rattle Follow the Second Procedure

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