Sunday, March 15, 2009

60200 - Preventive Greasing for Rattle from Front Brakes

There is a Common Problem of Rattle that is experienced esp after excessive driving on the Abrasive Roads.

When the front brake pads reduce in width after few thousand km, it creates a gap between pads external surface and the brake cylinder that causes it to rattle a bit. The solution is to apply little grease on the back sides (onto the metal plates). This way be sure and have a quiet ride for next 6-7 months.
Its an easy job, you can do it yourself to save bucks in 20-30 minutes !!!


1) Remove The tyre
2) Unbolt the inner lower bolt on the brake assembly using Rachet (refer (1))
3) Apply Grease (only on metal strips/ or brake cylinder circumfrence)
4) Replace, Bolt, and Assmble
5) Do a test Ride

Thats It !!

If you still experience Rattle Follow the Second Procedure

Saturday, March 14, 2009

60195 - Condition Report

All Good
Eve is Ok

Sunday, March 8, 2009

60105 - Car Wash

60100 - Monkeys Enjoying Corn on Chevy Matiz Bonnet

It was a nice Snowy evening on the Top of Mountains. Where we offered Corn to the monkeys on the way. A complete family jumped on the bonnet and enjoyed their meal.
Although they messed up my windscreen but was a memorable encounter

This is where it happened, Jump to this Location in GoogleEarth

Friday, March 6, 2009

59844 - Current Mileage (km)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

59500 - How I Resolved Matiz Problem of Cold Start/ Rough Idle

My car had starting problems espacially after a long parking. The engine just reved up and then immediately stalled. I first suspected IAC valve. So i replaced it, it was a bit costly affair so i decided to install it myself it was easy. Opening hexagon screws were tricky one. The problem seemed to be resolved but the engine was still jerky at cold. After a day or two same problem appeared and it wont just start. Next after some study and discussion board advices i decided to check the PCV valve, i tested it and it was also functioning Ok. Fow a day or two i was perplexed.

I discussed the prob with an experienced mechanic and he suggested without seeing the car that 'The cause of this type is due to Improper Valve Clearence'. I was like OOPS as my engine was at about 58000 Kms and i never once got it adjusted. So i decided to get it straight and after a simple but carefuel Valve adjustment procedure the problem disappeared and now me and my car are both happy. After the valve adjustment I also performed an ECU reset and the Idle Learn Procedure.I was outstation for 2-3 days but after that long park also it started without problems and now its running smoothly.


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