Saturday, February 28, 2009

Howto resolve Rattle from Front Brakes

The cause of rattle often is the backplate of the diskpads
when the front pad area wears out, it causes loose packing of the whole assembly

here are few measeures you should take

1) bend the copper clip slightly inwards to retain tension and grip
2) Apply greese to the back of the pads upon the metallic covers
3) apply grease to the pins holding the assembly

here are few pictures of the parts

Picture 1 - The Front Disk Pads

Picture 2 - The Back side with metallic cover

Picture 3 - The Copper Clip

Picture 4 - Ref to Service Manual for Installation / removal procedure

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

59450 - Useful/ Easy Technique to Maintain Vehicle Maintenance Record

I found this a very useful way to record your maintenance cost with reference to the vehicle maintenance schedule,

All you have to do is take a print of vehicle maintenance sheet and mark the cost spent against each item, this would also enable you to predict your upcoming spendings

here is a sample of my Matiz Vehicle Record

59450 - Spark Plugs Replaced

59450 - Valve Clearence Adjusted

Friday, February 20, 2009

59400 - Idle Learn Procedure (Matiz/ChevroletSpark M1)

The Idle lean procedure is recommended after every ECM Reset , or when experiencing
idle problems

Pull out ECU Fuses for 20 seconds
Put in ECU Fuses
Turn the ignition ON for 5 seconds.
Turn the ignition OFF for 5 seconds.
Start the engine in neutral.
Allow the engine to run until the engine coolant is above 185° F (85°C ).
Turn the A/C ON for 10 seconds, if equipped.
Turn the A/C OFF for 10 seconds, if equipped.
Turn the A/C ON for 10 seconds, if equipped.
Turn the A/C OFF for 10 seconds, if equipped.
Turn the ignition OFF. The idle learn procedure is complete.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

59340 - Wow This is Matiz at its best - Brilliant!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

59200 - Online DTC Code Lookup for Daewoo Matiz / Chevrolet Exclusive LIVE !!! (Fenix 5MR ECU Only)

Enter your 4 digit Flashing Code (e.g 0201) in the first textbox and Click GO

Learn to Read Codes Here

59100 - New IAC Valve Installed

Rough Idle Resolved

After ECM reset, the procedure IAC learn was performed

Two Thumbs Up!!!!

Exhaust Spitting H20

59010 - How to Read Flash Codes

For those who dont know how to read flash codes for this car:-

Sunday, February 15, 2009

59001 - Looking for a new IAC Valve

Friday, February 13, 2009

58900 - P0340 resolved

Cleaning of contacts

Thursday, February 12, 2009

58520 - Wheel Alignment


58515 - Coolant Change

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

58510 - Car Wash


58502 - Wheel Alignment

wah + fiaz

58500 - Oil Change (w/ filter)

Rs ?900

Next Due on 66000

58450 - Reverted to genuine Front Disc Pads


58444 - Installed New 155/65 R13 73T Nexen classe premiere tyres

summer tyres Roadstone-Nexen Classe Premiere 155/65 R13 for passenger cars

CLASSE PREMIERE features aggressive block typed unidirectional tread simulated by computer, unique center groove and advanced compound based on state-of-the-art technology, providing optimal handling, unparalleled stability at high speed, dependable tract

Read More

Sunday, February 8, 2009

58350 - Abandoned Spot Purchase of Nexen Classe Premiere at Metro Store

For One Simple Reason I abandoned the purchase coz the tyres stocked at the metro cash and carry store
were 1.5 years old. (DOT Date Code 3007 means August 07)

Now i'll also do some research on Michelin, Yokohama Also as i have read good reviews on the net.

ByeBye Metro

Friday, February 6, 2009

58000 - My Personal Opinoin about This Car

Ground Clarence is not an issue, Its Price of the parts are slightly more than mehran etc, actually i bought this
car after a lot of research, this car is a hit in countries like romania, russia, uk, india etc under the
name matiz, actually its built in korea by daewoo that was acquired by gm.chevrolet.

Dont get overwhelmed that its headlights cost 6000/- coz headlights of alto also costs rs 5000/-.

I have driven 58,000km and in 3.5 years, till now i have only changed font brake pads, and alternator belt, wipers
nothing else (of course oil filter/air filters). Its better built that suzuki, it is a wonderful car but its not being
well-marketed. It is very comfortable on long drive, its other positive point is fuel economy. it does 16kpl in city and 18-22 kpl on
motorways. it has a very good ac, v good heater. splendid gearbox, V good sound proofing, V Quiet Ride. Back seats also are very comfortable unlike santro.
its pick is better that cultus. i own a office cultus and i have compared. I have seen a cultus at just 50,000km that was looking like junkyard crap.

the only problems i have experienced till now is rattles/squeaks on rough roads, from front brakes & from dashboard.

Otherwise on good roads/motorways it really shines. Its ride is very comfortable. i have taken this vehicle to kaghan, rawlakot etc you wont be disappointed rather you would be glad by its ride comfort. Its other positive point is the cockpit, it feels like a big car, your wife n kids would love it. I have overheard two mechanics talking that it has the best seats, and of course it is true.

If you travel 150 km daily , this will enable you to have a long comfortable journey, and stay happy. Try to be on good road. I would advise if you buy this car you
have to take care of it , i really don't recommend it for OFFROAD/KATCHA roads, dont take it offroad. and dont take it to off-city mechanics (i recommend only efi specialists).

I have a south american CNG kit and 50 cylinder, and drive islamabad to lahore and back in Rs 1500/- only. Fuel Wise it would save you a lot.

uploaded in response to Mr Iftikhar's Email

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hankook H406 - Chevy Exclusive offers best bet on tyres

-They are low profile 65%
-Very Quiet Ride
-Treadwear v.good

I was looking for tyres , Dunlop SP20 is boasted here, but you can see its a crap.
The original Chevy Exclusive offered Hankook that is much better than what other small cars have here.

What is your opinion on other Aftermarket tyres?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Aziz Auto Store - Share your opinion

This store is located in Rawalpindi Saddar and is definately cheaper than the chevy dealers. It is also co-located with repair workshops.

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