Tuesday, May 3, 2011

81000 - Burned Out Headlight Switch due to NonStandard FogLights (of Cultus)

Yes and i made a mistake and installed fancy fog lights few months back and now they made me to pay price more then them. So my advice , do not buy after market products for this car, Only use original well because, Geuine Component gives u genuine performance, PERIOD

It burned up my Headlight Switch, (Smoke all around emergency situation) and i plugged off the battery at night and drove without headlights in emergency to my place. On investigation i found out that it was due to those non-spec foglights that was installed and the switch could not take the brunt of them sucking amperes along with high beams in sustained conditions.

Luckily i got The headlamp original Switch assembly at 1500/- Rs from Auto store, and plan to throw away those stupid foglights

Moral of Story :: Always use Genuine Parts !! Do not Experiment uncecessarily

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