Tuesday, May 3, 2011

81000 - Burned Out Headlight Switch due to NonStandard FogLights (of Cultus)

Yes and i made a mistake and installed fancy fog lights few months back and now they made me to pay price more then them. So my advice , do not buy after market products for this car, Only use original well because, Geuine Component gives u genuine performance, PERIOD

It burned up my Headlight Switch, (Smoke all around emergency situation) and i plugged off the battery at night and drove without headlights in emergency to my place. On investigation i found out that it was due to those non-spec foglights that was installed and the switch could not take the brunt of them sucking amperes along with high beams in sustained conditions.

Luckily i got The headlamp original Switch assembly at 1500/- Rs from Auto store, and plan to throw away those stupid foglights

Moral of Story :: Always use Genuine Parts !! Do not Experiment uncecessarily

Friday, November 12, 2010

NDK Sample OpenGLES ported to iphone

Demoscene Port : San Angeles Observation Demo Ported to iPhone

Sunday, October 17, 2010

72200 - Problem of @65000 resolving thru Installation of New Parts

72000 - Key Steering Lock went Bananas

Had to replace it with an original one costed around 2500/-

65000 - Minor Accident Frnt Suspension Wheel Issue

Went to Workshop for 3 days

Problem not fully resolved

Monday, August 30, 2010

70200 - Still Bold and Beautiful

Sunday, March 15, 2009

60200 - Preventive Greasing for Rattle from Front Brakes

There is a Common Problem of Rattle that is experienced esp after excessive driving on the Abrasive Roads.

When the front brake pads reduce in width after few thousand km, it creates a gap between pads external surface and the brake cylinder that causes it to rattle a bit. The solution is to apply little grease on the back sides (onto the metal plates). This way be sure and have a quiet ride for next 6-7 months.
Its an easy job, you can do it yourself to save bucks in 20-30 minutes !!!


1) Remove The tyre
2) Unbolt the inner lower bolt on the brake assembly using Rachet (refer (1))
3) Apply Grease (only on metal strips/ or brake cylinder circumfrence)
4) Replace, Bolt, and Assmble
5) Do a test Ride

Thats It !!

If you still experience Rattle Follow the Second Procedure

Saturday, March 14, 2009

60195 - Condition Report

All Good
Eve is Ok

Sunday, March 8, 2009

60105 - Car Wash

60100 - Monkeys Enjoying Corn on Chevy Matiz Bonnet

It was a nice Snowy evening on the Top of Mountains. Where we offered Corn to the monkeys on the way. A complete family jumped on the bonnet and enjoyed their meal.
Although they messed up my windscreen but was a memorable encounter

This is where it happened, Jump to this Location in GoogleEarth

Friday, March 6, 2009

59844 - Current Mileage (km)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

59500 - How I Resolved Matiz Problem of Cold Start/ Rough Idle

My car had starting problems espacially after a long parking. The engine just reved up and then immediately stalled. I first suspected IAC valve. So i replaced it, it was a bit costly affair so i decided to install it myself it was easy. Opening hexagon screws were tricky one. The problem seemed to be resolved but the engine was still jerky at cold. After a day or two same problem appeared and it wont just start. Next after some study and discussion board advices i decided to check the PCV valve, i tested it and it was also functioning Ok. Fow a day or two i was perplexed.

I discussed the prob with an experienced mechanic and he suggested without seeing the car that 'The cause of this type is due to Improper Valve Clearence'. I was like OOPS as my engine was at about 58000 Kms and i never once got it adjusted. So i decided to get it straight and after a simple but carefuel Valve adjustment procedure the problem disappeared and now me and my car are both happy. After the valve adjustment I also performed an ECU reset and the Idle Learn Procedure.I was outstation for 2-3 days but after that long park also it started without problems and now its running smoothly.


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Howto resolve Rattle from Front Brakes

The cause of rattle often is the backplate of the diskpads
when the front pad area wears out, it causes loose packing of the whole assembly

here are few measeures you should take

1) bend the copper clip slightly inwards to retain tension and grip
2) Apply greese to the back of the pads upon the metallic covers
3) apply grease to the pins holding the assembly

here are few pictures of the parts

Picture 1 - The Front Disk Pads

Picture 2 - The Back side with metallic cover

Picture 3 - The Copper Clip

Picture 4 - Ref to Service Manual for Installation / removal procedure

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

59450 - Useful/ Easy Technique to Maintain Vehicle Maintenance Record

I found this a very useful way to record your maintenance cost with reference to the vehicle maintenance schedule,

All you have to do is take a print of vehicle maintenance sheet and mark the cost spent against each item, this would also enable you to predict your upcoming spendings

here is a sample of my Matiz Vehicle Record

59450 - Spark Plugs Replaced

59450 - Valve Clearence Adjusted

Friday, February 20, 2009

59400 - Idle Learn Procedure (Matiz/ChevroletSpark M1)

The Idle lean procedure is recommended after every ECM Reset , or when experiencing
idle problems

Pull out ECU Fuses for 20 seconds
Put in ECU Fuses
Turn the ignition ON for 5 seconds.
Turn the ignition OFF for 5 seconds.
Start the engine in neutral.
Allow the engine to run until the engine coolant is above 185° F (85°C ).
Turn the A/C ON for 10 seconds, if equipped.
Turn the A/C OFF for 10 seconds, if equipped.
Turn the A/C ON for 10 seconds, if equipped.
Turn the A/C OFF for 10 seconds, if equipped.
Turn the ignition OFF. The idle learn procedure is complete.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

59340 - Wow This is Matiz at its best - Brilliant!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

59200 - Online DTC Code Lookup for Daewoo Matiz / Chevrolet Exclusive LIVE !!! (Fenix 5MR ECU Only)

Enter your 4 digit Flashing Code (e.g 0201) in the first textbox and Click GO

Learn to Read Codes Here

Parts Finder