Friday, February 6, 2009

58000 - My Personal Opinoin about This Car

Ground Clarence is not an issue, Its Price of the parts are slightly more than mehran etc, actually i bought this
car after a lot of research, this car is a hit in countries like romania, russia, uk, india etc under the
name matiz, actually its built in korea by daewoo that was acquired by gm.chevrolet.

Dont get overwhelmed that its headlights cost 6000/- coz headlights of alto also costs rs 5000/-.

I have driven 58,000km and in 3.5 years, till now i have only changed font brake pads, and alternator belt, wipers
nothing else (of course oil filter/air filters). Its better built that suzuki, it is a wonderful car but its not being
well-marketed. It is very comfortable on long drive, its other positive point is fuel economy. it does 16kpl in city and 18-22 kpl on
motorways. it has a very good ac, v good heater. splendid gearbox, V good sound proofing, V Quiet Ride. Back seats also are very comfortable unlike santro.
its pick is better that cultus. i own a office cultus and i have compared. I have seen a cultus at just 50,000km that was looking like junkyard crap.

the only problems i have experienced till now is rattles/squeaks on rough roads, from front brakes & from dashboard.

Otherwise on good roads/motorways it really shines. Its ride is very comfortable. i have taken this vehicle to kaghan, rawlakot etc you wont be disappointed rather you would be glad by its ride comfort. Its other positive point is the cockpit, it feels like a big car, your wife n kids would love it. I have overheard two mechanics talking that it has the best seats, and of course it is true.

If you travel 150 km daily , this will enable you to have a long comfortable journey, and stay happy. Try to be on good road. I would advise if you buy this car you
have to take care of it , i really don't recommend it for OFFROAD/KATCHA roads, dont take it offroad. and dont take it to off-city mechanics (i recommend only efi specialists).

I have a south american CNG kit and 50 cylinder, and drive islamabad to lahore and back in Rs 1500/- only. Fuel Wise it would save you a lot.

uploaded in response to Mr Iftikhar's Email

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  1. Hi There! I'm also an Exclusive Owner in Rawalpindi
    So far your personal point of view is exactly the same as I have with mine :)
    I also took the Chevy to Neelum Valley - No complains, worked great!

    I'm on Facebook, do add me there, let's discuss more on how to improve our Exclusives :)

    Great to see someone has passion for this car ;)


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